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Gold “D” Coins & Beautiful Jewelry

We have a really nice collection of some of the rarest Dahlonega gold coins that you will find anywhere in North Georgia. Take a look at these incredible gold coins. They were minted right here in Dahlonega, Georgia. More importantly, they were created using gold mined right here in the Dahlonega area. The coins are in pristine condition and available for immediate purchase.

A Little History On The Dahlonega Mint

The mint was located not far from our Gold Shop. It was created by the U.S. government and served as a branch of the official United States Mint. The mint was created during America’s first major gold rush, which occurred right here in Dahlonega, Georgia. Miners who flocked to the area to seek their fortunes needed a facility that could assay and mint their gold without having to travel to the main U.S. mint in Philadelphia.

One of the unique things about coins minted here at the Dahlonega Mint is that they all bear the “D” mint mark. If you are looking to purchase a Dahlonega gold coin, make sure that the coin bears that distinctive “D” imprint. If it doesn’t, the coin is likely not authentic. The Dahlonega mint is no longer operational. Today, the Denver Mint now uses the unique “D” stamp on the coins they produce. The Dahlonega mint produced coins in the following denominations; $1, $2.50, $3, and $5. The mint in Dahlonega produced official “D” gold coins from approximately 1838 until the mint was taken over during the civil war in 1861.

Unique Dahlonega Gold Jewelry & Coins