dsc07418We Offer Beautiful Custom Jewelry

Unique and Stylish

Designing custom jewelry design is truly an art form. The professional jewelers at the Dahlonega Gold Shop create some of the most beautiful pieces that you will find in North Georgia. They create stunning rings, gorgeous gold and silver necklaces and pendants of all types. Looking for some special ear rings?We can handle that project for you.

Some customers have an idea for a special jewelry piece they want, before they come in. If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, we invite you to stop by the shop and share your vision with us. Bring your design idea to us and we will review it. Once we have all the requirements of the project, we can provide you with a project estimate. Estimates are free. There is no charge unless you like our cost estimate and want to move forward with having our jewelers design your piece.

We charge an upfront┬ádesign fee for all custom jewelry orders. That initial charge depends on the overall cost estimate for the project. Final payment won’t be due until the piece is finished. Custom design orders can take anywhere from a week to a month to complete. It just depends on the complexity of the project. The more intricate the design, the longer it will probably take to complete the custom piece.